Day 003: The mushroom bed


If the precedent room was dark, like the rest of the dungeon, with only the sculpted nude rock to reverberate the light of your torches (if you use torches), this one is naturally lighted by some of the wondrous and numerous plants (mostly different kinds of mushroom¹, but not only) that occupy the room. The walls, instead of being straight and very obviously carved by something intelligent, seem natural, like if the cave was older than the rest of the dungeon, and just linked to it by a door (except for the door‘s wall).

As long as you pick nothing, you can tour the room freely. But if you try to pick something, you’ll hear telepathically “touch not”. If you disobey, you'll be attacked by adult Myconids (2 if you're alone, 2 + the number of party’s members if not).


1. I know that, akchually, mushrooms aren't plants but fungi. But hey, this is no biology textbook.


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