Day 002: The warning

So you dared to climb the staircase.


You enter a small room, with four visible doors and an altar.

Enshrined in the upper part of the altar, you see a jewelled dagger, the symbol of Abbathor, the dwarf god of greed, pointing to the ceiling. Engraved on the vertical part of the altar, an inscription in Dwarvish: “Abbathor rewards those who know the price of things and never pay more than they can gain. What is the price of blood?”.

The four doors, one for each cardinal point, can all be opened easily. They're not locked or trapped. They're all similar.

If one puts blood on the jewelled dagger of the altar, a secret door in the southern wall and west to its door will open, revealing three unmarked potions (all are common healing potions) and a simple gold necklace (value: 30GP).


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