Day 006: The room of glory of and the room of division

Since I had not enough time yesterday to publish something, double ration today!

The room of glory


You enter a room with a big pile of junk. Kitchen ustensils, rusted weapons, copper coins, broken music instruments, …

Right to the closed door, there is a one-meter high pillar with an inscription:

Give me the source of true glory,

and I shall you grant access freely

If you put a coin on the pillar (from the junk or not), the door will be opened. If you put something else, you will be attacked by an animated armour (from the pile of junk). Every time you put something else than a coin, a new animated armour will attack you.

If you take an object from the pile in an other room, it will topple into dust.

The room of division


The ground of this room is chequered. On the door there is an inscription:

Divide and rule

When someone walks on a tile, the colour change from black to white and *vice versa*. As long as two tiles with the same colour touch one another, the door is closed. You thus have to restore the chequering to unlock the door.


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